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We are currently headquartered in St. Louis, MO. at 1 Valley Park Rd. Valley Park, MO. 63088 *Please call 636. 352. 4355 
In addition we have just opened our newest satellite offices in HOUSTON, TEXAS as of October 2014!   
 Repair is always a more eco-friendly alternative than replacement, because it keeps the repaired part in use, instead of replacing it and filling up landfills with the 
damaged piece.  Much of the repair centers around leather and vinyl discoloration and topical damage. The best fix for this damage is to use  manufacturer-approved dyes and creams that restore the item to its original color and strength. Taking this approach, stops the manufacturers from making as many replacement 
pieces and as a result saves our resources. It is ecologically responsible. Leather is a real piece of nature and it gives a natural character to your living room. Its soft ness, its breathing ability and its naturalness are the advantages compared to other upholstery materials. Additionally, your leather upholstery will be a real friend as 
the material is durable and long lasting, if maintanained. Protective care is best care...and this is where leather needs support. Like the skin of a human being, 
leather can maintain its characteristics in daily use only with a little help.Professional, as well as regular cleaning , help leather from getting dirty, dry and faded. 
This is crucial to maintain the lasting beauty and longetivity of the leather.
Upholstery leather is much more demanding and of higher quality than e.g. shoe leather. It has a more natural finish and its pores are more open to breathe. 
For this reason, most all-in
one leather care products are not appropriate and may even harm the leather structure. 
This is also why a regular maintenence schedule is vital to prolong the life of the leather and  your investment in it.
We can Repair, Restore and Refinish,
Home Furniture, Automobile Interiors and Aircraft Interiors with virtually ANY type of Damage or Imperfections to Leather, Vinyl and Many Plastics!
​Here are just a few examples:
cigarette burns, holes, cuts, rips, scratches,nicks or abrasions, faded or discolored leather, dried-out leather, greasy leather, and persistant stains· 
Sorry, we do Not do any apparel!
New Life Restoration Co. currently does all warranty,insurance, service call and customer service requests for Leather Refinishing for:
The House of Denmark, Amini's Fine Furniture, Leather Interiors and Dolnick's Furniture, Dain's Delivery, I.O. Metro,
​Workbench Furniture Restoration Co.and The Guardsman Protection Plan all located here in St. Louis, MO.
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"I'm always looking for ways to help bring customer awareness for Leather Refinishing & Headlight Lens Restoration services. Many people do not know that this type of service is even available.The cost of Restoring( to Like NEW) vs the cost of New Leather and New Headlight Lens are why we are sought after the way we are.  We serve the GREATER St. Louis and surrounding areas ( about 100 mile radius) for Leather Refinishing and the Headlight Restorations that we do ourselves. Our Do-It-Yourself  NLR 1 Headlight Restoration System can be viewed at our other web
 Also, The Missouri Business Network is a great network to find QUALIFIED Professionals in most every profession  in the State of MISSOURI. I have found alot of options in dealings with many of the professionals here.
In addition we have located an extremely knowledgeable and capable UPHOLSTERY Refinisher we would like to recommend:  Lazarov Upholstery located at 15461 Clayton Rd., Ballwin, MO  63011.  Kris Lazarov is the owner and been in business over 30 years.  He can be contacted at 636.394.0452 or

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